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Chef_Ellinger 202X314My name is Robert Ellinger and I am very proud and honored to be the first president of the most progressive Pastry and Baking Guild in the United States. The Guild of Baking and Pastry Arts currently has chapters in Long Island, NY and North Texas. We are looking for dedicated pastry professionals to open up chapters all over the United States.

The foremost goals of the Guild are education for our members and scholarships for our student members.  We also encourage schools that offer pastry programs, to establish chapters as it would offer the students great networking ability all over the country.
If you join the Guild of Baking and Pastry Arts you will feel like you have joined a warm, comfortable family of people with the same interests of your own. You will start to network and build a whole new connection into the world of baking and pastries.

We would like to invite anyone interested in joining the Guild to attend one of our meetings for a “test-drive”. In the spirit of J.F.K., “Ask not what the Guild can do for you, but what you can do for the Guild!” No guild can thrive on just a few members doing all of the work. We have to all work together to build this dynamic association.

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