2013 Societe Philanthropique Culinairre

As we gear up to participate in the 2014 Societe Philanthropique Culinairre this is to show what happened last year. Anticipating greater success this year.

Membership Information

If you join the Guild of Baking and Pastry Arts you will feel like you have joined a warm, comfortable family of people with the same interests of your own. You will start to network and build a whole new connection into the world of baking and pastries.


Our meetings are electric with demonstrations on everything pastry and baking. We meet the first Tuesday of every month and would like to invite anyone interested in joining the guild to attend one of our meetings for a “test-drive”.
If you would like to join our association please print the application and send it completed to the contact address.  Dues should accompany the application. Please make checks payable to: Guild of Baking and Pastry Arts.

Membership Type

Associate Membership and Sponsorship (please contact)